Oline Workrobe was initiated by two things: the mind has to wander and dreams should be constructed wholeheartedly. Like all great things, it started with passion. Ours is to create more variety of apparel choices for the active and dynamic women who search for comfort clothing which enable them to look stylish and fun at the same time. Age is just a number, of course.

The name ‘Workrobe’ signifies values of the design, which speak for itself. A collaboration between sturdy design and detailed craftsmanship that will enrich and celebrate the diverse characteristics of women while still adhering to the basic principles of fashion.

Oline Workrobe is fully aware that every woman wishes to express themselves by way of fashion, hence we strive to provide a substantial range of styles to choose from, suitable for any activity and environment.

We aspire to improve women lives by creating sensible yet attractive selections for their daily attires. Women are smart, playful, fun and their style must reflect that.

Every pattern tells a story. From asymmetrical to symmetrical, from chaotic to order, from intuition to precision. The next process will be dedicated to textual transfer of translating them into an edgy look. Everything is always out of something.


Oline Siahaan established Oline Workrobe in 2009. She is the valedictorian from Raffles International School, Singapore, majoring in Fashion Design. As an engineer-based designer, Oline gets constantly provoked by and would engage in conversation with anything; shape, lines, curves, even silhouettes when she passes the street, buildings, beaches, sidewalk, and all things life has to offer


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